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Draft Beer Selections

Ten | Belgian-style Dubbel Anniversary Ale

A special beer brewed to commemorate HVBC’s tenth anniversary. French malt. Belgian candi sugar. Robust, malt-forward aroma. Ultra smooth. Notes of burnt caramel, figs and raisins. 

8.3% ABV 10 oz. 7.50 / Crowler 18 / Growler 24

Cerdo Alado | Lime Lager

A snappy, light-bodied lager finished with lime for a thirst-quenching zip… HVBC’s summer refresher!

4% ABV 16oz 7.50 / Crowler 16 / Growler 22

Ginger Apricot Wit

Brewed with pilsner malt, wheat and oats; fermented with Belgian Witbier yeast. Finished with apricot puree and hand-grated fresh ginger root.

4.5% ABV 16oz 7.50 / Crowler 16 / Growler 22

College Lager | Amber Lager

Light-bodied. Vibrant color. Rich, clean malt flavor and aroma. Smooth and sessionable. Refreshingly dry finish. “Happy Valley’s Preferred Social Lubricant”.

4.4% ABV 16oz 7.50 / Crowler 16 / Growler 22

Tailgater | India Pale Ale

Happy Valley’s favorite unfiltered IPA. Elevated by the addition of fresh blood orange fruit. Citrusy blast. Juicy Simcoe and Citra hop flavors. Moderate bitterness. Intense yumminess!!

5.0% ABV/16 oz 7.50/Crowler 16/Growler 22

Apocalypse Wow | Belgian-style Tripel

Strong golden ale. Belgian and French pilsner malt. Belgian candi sugar. Medium-bodied. Lush mouthfeel. Fruity and spicy notes. Ultra-dry finish.

9.0% ABV 10oz 7.50 / Crowler 18 / Growler 25

Barnstormer | India Pale Ale

HVBC’s original flagship beer. Bold, super-dry, medium-bodied American IPA. Citra. Mosaic. Simcoe. Robust grain bill provides solid malt structure. Vibrant hop aroma and flavor. Hints of orange and grapefruit peel.

7.2% ABV 16oz 7.50 / Crowler 16 / Growler 22

Cloudburst | Hazy India Pale Ale

Hazy IPA brewed with pilsner malt and oats. Generously hopped with Crystal, Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe for a “burst” of hop aroma and flavor.

5.5% ABV 16oz 7.50 / Crowler 16 / Growler 22

Cranberry Beret | Dark Biere de Garde

A dry, dark Biere de Garde (French farmhouse ale) style beer finished with fresh, tart cranberry puree.

6.2% ABV 16oz 7.50 / Crowler 18 / Growler 24

Joe Cool | Dark Larger with Coffee

Smooth. Malty. Roasty. Fermented cool with lager yeast. Finished with freshly roasted coffee from Cafe Lemont.

6.0% ABV 16oz 7.50 / Crowler 18 / Growler 24

Happy Pilz | Pilsner

Unfiltered, Keller-style Pilsner. Clean, straightforward malt aroma and flavor. Crisp, dry finish. Happy Valley’s everyday, traditional, no-frills, beer-flavored light beer.

4.0% ABV 16oz 7.50 / Crowler 16 / Growler 22

HayDay | American Wheat

HVBC’s classic wheat beer, re-imagnind for a new era. Light body. Sunny, bright, citrus overtones. Soft mouthfeel. Mild, pleasing hop aroma and bitterness. The crisp, clean light beer for craft beer drinkers.

4.6% ABV 16oz 7.50 / Crowler 16 / Growler 22

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