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How to Write an Abstract Presentation of the Content of the Dissertation Work Correctly

Often undergraduates are faced with the need to correctly write a summary of the dissertation work. What is it? Essentially, this is the same essay. Its design serves as the final part of the master's thesis and is done before presenting this work for defense. How to correctly issue an abstract and why it is needed at all, we will tell here.

It is worth noting that the abstract itself must be designed as a brochure and contain half of the author's text of 40 thousand characters. In addition, the following information should be presented on the 2nd page of the summary of the content of the dissertation:

  • The name of the university where the work was performed;

  • Full name of the supervisor and his academic degree/title;

  • Name of each official opponent and their academic degrees/titles, as well as place of work;

  • The name of the university that reviewed the dissertation;

  • Year, day, month and time of work protection;

  • Code of the dissertation council, the name of the university on the basis of which the dissertation council was created and its address;

  • The address of the site where the dissertation and abstract are published.

Technical requirements for the design of the abstract

The abstract, like all other university papers, must be drawn up in accordance with the technical requirements. Let's talk about them:

  • Font size - 14 pins (except for the title page);

  • Line spacing - 1.5 millimeters;

  • Font style - Times New Roman;

  • Numbering - from the second page;

  • Final format - A5 (brochure);

  • Alignment - in width;

  • Indent right, left and bottom - 20 millimeters;

  • Indentation at the top - 30 millimeters.

It is also worth remembering that the total circulation of the abstract should be at least 40 brochures. In some cases, this figure reaches 65 pieces. After writing the abstract, before sending directly to print, you should carefully check the entire text for grammatical and spelling errors. To do this, simply give the finished version to read to one of your relatives or friends.

The date of distribution of the abstract is usually indicated before the direct distribution. But the date of the dissertation defense, on the contrary, should be printed immediately. As you can see, you need to carefully consider writing an abstract and try to do it in accordance with all the rules and technical requirements. This way you show your level of qualification and increase the chances of successfully defending your dissertation work.

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