Join the club! We're always on the lookout for those great fans of Happy Valley Brewing Company beer who we affectionately call 'barn animals'. For just $80 your membership gets you a hand-thrown custom mug to be displayed proudly in our cellar to enjoy your libations from, no-cover access to most of our cellar events, discounted access to our larger events, an exclusive t-shirt AND the coveted status of 'barn animal'!!. This ladies and gents is one of the best deals in town!

Mug Club Membership

Mug Color
  • With your membership in the barn animal mug club you'll automatically get

    • Free cover for entertainment
    • A complimentary drink for your birthday
    • Barn animal t-shirt
    • early-bird access to special events (beer dinners, celebrations, etc)
    • Coupons for reduced price tickets for special events